Weekly Schedule Template

If you're looking for free printable templates to use for organizing your work, school, business, workout, diet, or just about any other scheduled activity you're in the right place! This website has hundreds of ready to go schedule templates in a variety of categories with no scheduling software required. Just pick your template from a variety of styles and color schemes and print it right from your home computer.

Flex Time Templates

Weekly schedules with a blank left column and the days of the week across the top.

Week by Week Templates

Schedule templates that track activity by week and day of the week instead of by time of day.

Templates vs. Scheduling Software

There's a wide variety of scheduling software on the market today so why create a web site that features "old school" printable schedule templates? After all, isn't it easier to just type your weekly tasks into an online editor and let it handle filling in the time slots and organizing the display?

In my experience as a software developer I've found that we tend to over-automate simple tasks like creating a weekly schedule. Yes, it's easy to fill in the cells of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or type tasks into a time grid using an iPhone or Android app but does that really save you time? Wouldn't it be easier to just have a simple blank schedule on your desk at work or on the kitchen counter at home to jot down tasks or notes when they come to mind without having to find a spreadsheet or fire up some computer software?

I thought so too which is why I started using printable weekly schedules and filling in my own blank calendar template. I created this web site to make those templates available for free to anyone who wants them. There are certainly times when it makes sense to use software to track your schedule but I think there's value in being able to simply and quickly pencil in or cross out meetings and chores on paper without needing to bother with a computer or smart phone in the process.