Creating a Workout Schedule Template

Whether you're training to get back in shape or training for a marathon or a triathalon you need to keep to a weekly workout schedule to be successful. It's just too easy to skip a day or get off track if you're not focused on what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Thankfully, the scheduling software on this web site can create a wide variety of training schedule templates for any type of fitness goal. From daily schedules that track individual workouts to weekly schedules that track areas of training focus there's a template that fits your goals.

And, if you can't find exactly what you want, there's the flex time schedule that gives you complete flexibility to schedule and track whatever you need to on a day by day basis.

For general fitness goals the general schedule template is going to be your best bet. It breaks out each day of the week (including weekends if you so choose) into blocks of time based on your own custom criteria. You can plan an entire week's worth of training in increments as small as five minutes each to make sure you're spending the precise time necessary on each activity.

And, if you're seeing a personal trainer, what better way to remember the workout routine he or she recommends by writing it down on the spot!

For more nebulous goals or for athletes who know what's involved in each training session and just need to remember what to train on which day the week by week schedule template is a great choice. This template breaks out any time period by weeks allowing you to write in what you're training on any given day within that time period.

If you know you need to be able to run 5k or bike 100k for a big race you can count the number of weeks to the event and create a weekly schedule that tells you exactly what you need to train and what progress you need to make in order to achieve your goals.

For those of you who would rather schedule your training by location (gym, track, pool) or by body part or type of activity the flex time schedule lets you completely customize what appears in the left column of the time grid. Just list each aspect of training that you want to keep track of and schedule it in during the week.

It may seem old fashioned to track your training on printable templates but there's a big psychological payoff to crossing each activity off as you complete it. Just try doing that with scheduling software!