Creating a Work Schedule Template

You have several options for creating a work schedule template using the software available on this site. The first option is to start with a pre-defined work day template available in the general templates category. This will create a weekly template for you based on a standard 9AM to 5PM work day.

If your work day doesn't follow the typical nine to five schedule or you need your day broken up into larger or smaller chunks than the standard one hour blocks you can create a custom time-based schedule on the general templates page as well. Just choose your work start time, quitting time, and the time interval to use for each schedule cell and the software will create a custom template for you.

The second option is to use a flex time template. This type of work schedule template will let you fill in the left column with whatever times or time of day you work. For example, if you work in four two hour long blocks but spread those blocks out throughout the day a flex time work template will allow you to write in the time frames that each block in the schedule grid covers.

A flex time work schedule is also useful if you divide you day into various types of work tasks. For example, if you make outgoing calls for two hours each day but the time of day that you do that work can vary just put "Make Calls" in the left column then write in the time range that you're going to be doing this job on each particular day of the week.

You can also use a week by week template if your work is more general and you either focus on a specific task for an entire day but vary which day that is week by week or you need a work schedule template that's based on who you're working with, your location, or some other criteria other than time. This type of job template is also good for leaving a general schedule for a coworker, boss, or family member so they know what you're working on, where you are, or the best way to get in touch with you.

As you can see, the general template software offered here gives you a wide variety of options for creating your own custom work schedule template. If your job or project is very regimented you can use a time based template but, if it's more dynamic or non-traditional, the "fill in the blanks" nature of the flex time and week by week templates allow you to create a format that best fits your own unique needs.