Creating an Employee Schedule Template

There are two good options for creating an employee schedule template using the software available on this site - a general template or a flex time template. Each give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling employee shifts without requiring you to have access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone to make changes.

A custom general template will allow you to create a time grid that represents the work day for which you need to maintain scheduling. You can divide the grid into custom lengths of time that correspond to the lengths of your employee shifts. Then, simply write an employee name in the cell that corresponds to the beginning of their shift and either draw an arrow to the end of their shift or write their name in each block covering the time they're on the schedule.

If you have multiple employees that you need to schedule you can print out an employee schedule template for each of them or create a master schedule and hand it out to everyone at the beginning of the week. Depending on the size of your staff and the frequency of shift changes, though, a master schedule built around times might become a little chaotic so you might think about using a flex time template instead.

A flex time schedule template lets you choose what to put in the left column of the grid that usually contains the time. Instead of putting hour or half-hour time increments you can fill those blocks with shifts instead. For example, if your employees work four hour shifts that start every two hours you'd simply create a block for each of those shifts (8am to 12pm, 10am to 2pm, etc.) then list the employee(s) that are assigned to work the shift for each day of the week.

Another option is to list the employee name in the left column and write the shift(s) for which they're scheduled to work during the week under the corresponding day header. This format lets each staff member see at a glance on which days and between what times they're working and could be a better master schedule option than using a general template that's organized by the clock.

If you need a more general employee schedule template, say to show staff members their area of concentration or general tasks they need to compete on a weekly basis, you can always use a week by week template. It's not an option that springs immediately to mind but it does offer a flexible format for jobs that don't require tracking by the hour or shift. In any case, you should be able to create a custom template to fit just about any need using our scheduling software.