Creating a Cleaning Schedule Template

Both professional cleaners and homemakers alike can benefit from a weekly schedule that lets you track (and gives you reminders) about what needs cleaned and where and when. The scheduling software available on this site gives you a wide variety of different options when it comes to creating the perfect schedule to use for your business or for simply keeping on top of household chores.

First is a time based general schedule that breaks up the days of your week into completely customizable chunks of time. Best suited for a professional cleaning crew, this type of weekly schedule allows you to slot clients throughout the week and on weekends. You or your employees will know exactly where they need to be and when so no appointments get missed.

You'll also be able to see, at a glance, when you have time available if a client calls for an appointment and know when it's time to get on the phone to drum up business if there's too much unscheduled time for a particular week.

This simple use case also illustrates what makes a printable schedule so much better than scheduling software. If you're on the road you don't have easy access to a computer to check or adjust your schedule and, even if it is available via smart phone, it's just not easy to get information quickly from an electronic solution. When you add in the potential of needing to provide an itinerary for a cleaning crew to follow handing them a printout is much easier and more cost-effective than giving them access to computers or requiring them to come to work with their own.

For both professionals and amateurs, if you need to schedule cleaning by room or resource there's the flex time template. With this weekly schedule template you can list the resource in the left column then schedule cleaning days and times for yourself or a team at any time during the week. The custom scheduling software lets you create completely custom formats for your templates giving you the freedom to track your cleaning needs whatever they may be.

For longer time frames there's week by week template that breaks out the time grid by week instead of by hour and minute. This type of format is useful if you clean a particular building, room or piece of machinery once per week or even once per month or quarter. The variety of schedule lengths available make it easy to plan out your cleaning schedule weeks, months, or even years into the future to make sure you don't miss any scheduled maintenance.

And, unlike computerized schedules or spreadsheet templates you can easily cross off each appointment or task as you complete it or note the specific date and time of arrival and departure for billing purposes. You'll still have to enter that into your official records when you get back to the office but you're going to be much more likely to keep track of if in the first place if there's a convenient place to write it down!