Creating a Class Schedule Template

Whether you're a student or a teacher, the scheduling software on this web site allows you to create a variety of weekly schedules that you can use to schedule classes, homework or study time for you or your students. You can create schedules that track class times, deadlines, outline study schedules, denote topics to be covered or easily provide ad hoc recommendations for individual students following a counseling session.

The first option is a standard time based general schedule. This type of template shows time periods in the left column and the days of the week across the top forming a grid allowing you to pencil in the days and times during which you have or teach class. There are several pre-created templates but you can also create a custom class schedule by altering the range of times and the length of the time blocks to fit your exact needs.

For less traditional schedules there's the flex time template that allows you to fill in your own values for the left column. This is perfect for a general study schedule or to organize your week by class instead of by time. Just list the class in the left column and fill in the times that it meets under the appropriate day of the week and you're all set! You can even mix and match what's in the left column breaking up the rows into blocks of class time, preparation time, and study time to best fit your own individual needs.

If you're studying for a certification or license test the week by week template gives you an easy way to schedule both your classes and the topics you need to study on a week by week basis. Tracking your class schedule like this shows you at a glance where you are in your progress toward your goal and the custom scheduling software that creates the schedules here gives you almost infinite flexibility in how you can structure your weeks to best achieve your goals.

And the best part is that the content on this web site is infinitely less expensive than buying software to track your classes or studying. For some specialized degrees or study plans that may be necessary but for most students and teachers a simple to use and easily available pencil and paper solution is all that's needed.